Monthly Archives: January 2013

Fresh flowers

Week Four: Indoor Natural Light

Soon after my husband proposed, he said we’d live in a home with fresh flowers and fresh fruit.  He has been true to his word.

I’m “auditing” a fantastic blog circle. Start the circle here at Kami Chaudhery’s beautiful photography from Seattle.




Purple Crayon

Week Three: Natural Light Indoors

B. has been reading “Harold and the Purple Crayon” over… and over… and over.  It’s inspired some drawing of his own.  (With apologies to Lisa Rigazio.)

To start the blog circle, check out Jill Cassara’ beautiful work.




Bed Head

Week Two: Natural Light Indoors

In our second week exploring indoor natural light, I noticed B.’s hair fresh from his nap.

I’m “auditing” a fantastic blog circle that’s truly worth enjoying… start the circle with Julie Kiernan‘s beautiful photography from Minnesota.




Playing on the big bed

Week One: Natural Light Indoors

New year, new project! For the next 52 weeks, I’ll “audit” a wonderful blog circle that focuses on a different aspect of light every month. This month, the theme is indoor light.  I’m kicking off the project with several experiments:  with self-portraiture, with my new camera remote, with photographing in the bedroom.   Technical results are… meh.  But looking at these photos, I can hear B.’s giggles and feel him in my arms, which makes me extremely happy.

If you’d like to follow this amazing blog circle, start here, with Erica Obenchain Collins’ beautiful work documenting her life with her five children.


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