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Week 12: Artificial Source of Light

B. and I visited the Butterfly Conservatory at the Museum of Natural History on Monday.  I had heard about it for years and never made it in time (it’s always a temporary exhibit), and I had imagined a magical experience of butterflies gently fluttering all around us.  Turns out, both B. and I found it a bit unsettling — more like tons of (pretty) bugs swarming everywhere.  B. insisted that I hold him almost the entire time and didn’t want to stay very long, but I did manage to snap a few individual butterflies at rest.  They’re much less intimidating once they’re separated from the herd.

The conservatory was entirely indoors — no natural light at all — and the harsh lights were clearly designed for the butterflies’ health, not for aesthetics.  However, the brightness had interesting affects on the leaves and colors, especially when shining through the greenery and butterfly wings.

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Week 11: Artificial Source of Light

B. inherited a guitar from his 10-year-old cousin. And he LOVES it. Plays it almost every day. He sings the Taxi song, Fire Truck song, as well as songs he hears at our (almost) weekly trek to Tot Shabbat.

Here he’s sitting near what used to be my favorite lamp in the living room.  I say “used to” because I made a useful discovery about this pretty, slightly pricey lamp this week: when it comes to photos, it doesn’t illuminate as nicely as the cheap-o lamp I bought from Target.

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Sleeping B.

Week 10: Artificial Source of Light

This week, I tried several new things and had so much fun with all of them!  First, I splurged on a new camera and new lens (woot!).  Second, to experiment with this month’s theme of artificial light, I downloaded a softbox app to my ipad (Photo Soft Box Pro HD) and then I carefully, quietly, snuck into B.’s room late at night and took some shots.  It was quite a new photographic experience for me:  not only was I working with a non-moving object, but I had total (well, almost total) control over the light.   Turns out, being in control is kind of fun. (uh-oh… is that how it starts?)

(P.S. The last photo is B.’s brace, which he wears every night while he sleeps, to correct the clubfoot he was born with. I have very few photos of the brace so I thought it would be fun to include one.)

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Little lamb rides the rails

Week 9:  Artificial Source of Light

The beginning of the new month marks a new theme for the blog circle:  Carefully controlled, artificial light. For some photographers in our circle, that means flash. For my flash-less self, it means experimentation with more readily available artificial light sources, like… ahem… lamps.

Meanwhile, these days, B.’s group of “friends” includes his little stuffed animals. This little lamb has been his best buddy since he could barely express affinity.  She (I decided long ago that the lamb was a “she”) is so well-loved, that her “fur” has become a rather unsettling matte texture, despite (or because of?) many careful washes.   This little furry friend has been going for rides around the apartment on everything that moves.

I’m thrilled to announce a new member of the blog circle: the lovely and talented Julie Mak, who lives in my old neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her gorgeous new website is the perfect starting point for this week’s blog circle.