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Week 17: Exploring Night-time Light

This is our final week of exploring light at different times of day; appropriately, we conclude this segment with night-time light.   While I experimented with shooting at night this week in several different environments, ultimately my favorite night time shot was from a few weeks ago, during a short evening jaunt to a local the amusement park.

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Week 16: Exploring Evening Light

This week we had houseguests and evening was a rush of mealtime, bathtime, and bedtime stories.  But I did manage to steal away for a few minutes to capture evening light in Park Slope.

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Mid-Day Break

Week 15:  Exploring Daylight

This week’s challenge is to photograph in the middle of the day.    Here, B. takes a mid-day break to have a smoothie and observe the crosswalk traffic light.  He’s recently learned that the red hand means stop and wait; the walking person means go.   The light is constantly changing and endlessly fascinating.

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smoothie (1 of 1)-2


Week 14: Morning Light

The blog circle is kicking off the month of April with a new theme:  exploring light at times of day.  This week, we focus on morning light.  This was an ideal theme given my recent trip to Hawaii, where jet-lag had B. and me waking up at 4am on a regular basis — we saw a LOT of morning.  Including several beautiful Hawaiian sunrises… a gorgeous backdrop for playing with rocks on the beach.

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Week 13: Photographer’s Choice

Since there’s an extra week in March this year, the wise ladies of the blog circle decided this fifth week should be “photographer’s choice” — in other words, a freebie!   B. and I were in Hawaii this week visiting Nana, who has a beautiful lanai on her condo. Perfect for B. to run laps.

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