Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hudson Valley

Week 21:  Soft, diffused light

This is the final week on the theme of soft light, and we were fortunate to spend it in a beautiful location with a ton of it: a hazy Hudson Valley.  The overcast skies only erupted into an occasional sprinkle, so our  mini-vacation was mostly uninterrupted, yet evenly lit.  B.’s activities primarily surrounded the lake, whether it was feeding the fish, throwing rocks (NOT at the fish), or just playing with his trucks nearby.

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Noah’s Third Birthday

Week 20: Soft, diffused light

We were thrilled to celebrate with Noah and his family.  As P. says, Noah is a kid who “gets all in it,” as evidenced by the chocolate cake remnants on his face and his barefooted abandon. Love that.

This is the second week we’ve been exploring soft, diffused light in the blog circle — possibly my favorite theme so far!  This is lovely, flattering light.  This photo was taken close to sunset under the trees, so the light was diffused in several ways: by the atmosphere, since the sun was low in the sky; by some clouds; and by the tree cover, creating open shade.

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In Honor of Nana

Week 19:  Soft, diffused light

Happy  Mother’s Day! In honor of this special occasion, I’m posting photos of B. and Nana baking cupcakes.  I love watching them together.  Thankfully, Nana’s condo has large windows that let in a lovely, soft, diffused light, to match this month’s theme.

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Week 18:  Soft, diffused light

This month’s theme is soft, diffused light.  We had lovely brunch with a dear friend this morning, and as luck would have it, we got the perfect table facing a huge window — a lovely source of soft light.  Here B. is playing with his dad while he waits for his pancakes.

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