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Home, late afternoon

Week 26: Directional Light

The afternoon sun, low in the sky,  streamed directly through our window, casting a harsh light on B.’s airport-playing activities.

(Once he looked up and saw me standing on the chair to take his photo, he insisted on standing on a chair too so he could be next to me.)

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Week 25: Directional light

We welcomed summer (officially!) this weekend with a picnic in in the park with longtime friends.  The sun was getting low in the sky and filtering through the trees, creating directional light — and giving me my photo for the last week of this month’s theme.

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A spoonful of sugar

Week 24: Directional light

Poor B. has developed his 3rd staph infection in 6 months, which means… more bad-tasting antibiotics.  Even spiking his meds his raspberry flavor doesn’t help much. What does? The promise of watching Abby Cadabby videos on YouTube.

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Clay Creations

Week 23:  Directional Light

This is our second week exploring directional light — a lighting style which can emphasize the dramatic.  And what is more dramatic than art? Here some friends are unleashing their creativity on small gray pieces of clay.

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Week 22: Directional light

Welcome to June — and new theme for the P52 project. This month’s theme is directional light.  While in Hudson Valley, B. wasn’t interested in napping in the hotel port-a-crib thing… just on mom and dad’s bed.  There was some lovely light streaming through the window, so I obliged him.

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