Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Week Four: Geometric Shapes for Framing, Repetition, Balance

This post of is part of a blog project with 17 other wonderful photographers. See their work HERE.


Fall Leaves

Week Three: Balancing with Geometry

This week’s theme is to balance my principal subject with a geometrical shape… in this case, the triangular frame of the swing set.  This blog is part of an exploratory project with 17 wonderful photographers and friends called Who We Become. Please click here to see their interpretations.




Week Two: Environmental geometry

This week’s theme involves using repeated geometric shapes as a key compositional element in an image… and behold, we have B. and Nana at the bookstore, full of rectangles as far as the eye can see.  This post is part of an exploratory photo project with 17 wonderful, talented photographers and friends called Who We Become.  Please click here to see other interpretations of this theme.


Reboot: P52.2 — Composition

Week One: Composition within a geometric frame

P52, Take Two.  I’m thrilled to be more actively joining the same group of wonderful photographers and dear friends, as they embark on a NEW Project 52. This time, the theme is composition. This week, we’re framing our subjects within geometric shapes.  Please click here to see how the group interpreted this theme.