Little lamb rides the rails

Week 9:  Artificial Source of Light

The beginning of the new month marks a new theme for the blog circle:  Carefully controlled, artificial light. For some photographers in our circle, that means flash. For my flash-less self, it means experimentation with more readily available artificial light sources, like… ahem… lamps.

Meanwhile, these days, B.’s group of “friends” includes his little stuffed animals. This little lamb has been his best buddy since he could barely express affinity.  She (I decided long ago that the lamb was a “she”) is so well-loved, that her “fur” has become a rather unsettling matte texture, despite (or because of?) many careful washes.   This little furry friend has been going for rides around the apartment on everything that moves.

I’m thrilled to announce a new member of the blog circle: the lovely and talented Julie Mak, who lives in my old neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Her gorgeous new website is the perfect starting point for this week’s blog circle.







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    Erica Collins March 10, 2013

    I love the warm tones and leading lines of your first image, Erica. I feel like I am looking at one of my own little boys in these images. Beautiful captures of childhood!

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