Sleeping B.

Week 10: Artificial Source of Light

This week, I tried several new things and had so much fun with all of them!  First, I splurged on a new camera and new lens (woot!).  Second, to experiment with this month’s theme of artificial light, I downloaded a softbox app to my ipad (Photo Soft Box Pro HD) and then I carefully, quietly, snuck into B.’s room late at night and took some shots.  It was quite a new photographic experience for me:  not only was I working with a non-moving object, but I had total (well, almost total) control over the light.   Turns out, being in control is kind of fun. (uh-oh… is that how it starts?)

(P.S. The last photo is B.’s brace, which he wears every night while he sleeps, to correct the clubfoot he was born with. I have very few photos of the brace so I thought it would be fun to include one.)

Start the blog circle HERE to see how the creative and talented  Kelly Roth Patton of K.Rox Photography is interpreting “artificial light” this week!  She’s been rocking her speedlight lately and her kids are too cute for words…








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    Stacey V March 11, 2013

    Erica, these are beautiful! He looks so peaceful and angelic and you have lovely skin tones – no small feat in low light! I didn’t know he wore a brace, I’m glad you included that too. The little details.

  2. Reply
    Erica Collins March 11, 2013

    Wow! These are breathtaking, Erica. That first one actually melts my heart too. Precious!

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