Noah’s Third Birthday

Week 20: Soft, diffused light

We were thrilled to celebrate with Noah and his family.  As P. says, Noah is a kid who “gets all in it,” as evidenced by the chocolate cake remnants on his face and his barefooted abandon. Love that.

This is the second week we’ve been exploring soft, diffused light in the blog circle — possibly my favorite theme so far!  This is lovely, flattering light.  This photo was taken close to sunset under the trees, so the light was diffused in several ways: by the atmosphere, since the sun was low in the sky; by some clouds; and by the tree cover, creating open shade.

Please continue around the blog circle, starting with the beautiful work of Stacey Leece Vukelj.



  1. Reply
    Julie K May 20, 2013

    The light is really gorgeous here and I love the muted colors. Very nice!

  2. Reply
    Erica Collins May 20, 2013

    This is all boy! Love it!!

  3. Reply
    Julie M May 20, 2013

    P’s description of him is perfect! Love the colors here.

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