Week 22: Directional light

Welcome to June — and new theme for the P52 project. This month’s theme is directional light. ¬†While in Hudson Valley, B. wasn’t interested in napping in the hotel port-a-crib thing… just on mom and dad’s bed. ¬†There was some lovely light streaming through the window, so I obliged him.

Please continue around the blog circle to see how 14 talented photographers have interpreted this theme this week, starting with Julie Mak.



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    Julie M June 3, 2013

    Aww, so sweet! I love sleeping children photographs! The light is so gorgeous here and your skin tones look perfect.

  2. Reply
    Julie K June 4, 2013

    So sweet! i see Julie M had the same first thought. I like the detail in the comforter too.

  3. Reply
    Erica Collins June 10, 2013

    A sleeping baby always pulls at my heartstrings. Lovely, soft light for a perfect capture, Erica!

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