Hudson Valley

Week 21:  Soft, diffused light

This is the final week on the theme of soft light, and we were fortunate to spend it in a beautiful location with a ton of it: a hazy Hudson Valley.  The overcast skies only erupted into an occasional sprinkle, so our  mini-vacation was mostly uninterrupted, yet evenly lit.  B.’s activities primarily surrounded the lake, whether it was feeding the fish, throwing rocks (NOT at the fish), or just playing with his trucks nearby.

For more interpretations of this theme, round the blog circle, starting with the very talented Kelly Roth Patton of K.Rox Photography.



  1. Reply
    Peter May 27, 2013

    I love the top one. I predict that in 30 years, he’ll look back on that one as iconic.

  2. Reply
    jillcassara May 28, 2013

    Love all of your leading lines!!!

  3. Reply
    Erica Collins May 28, 2013

    What a beautiful setting and I love the soft colors. Little B is adorable!!

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